As per new electricity Act 2003 Maharashtra State Govt.vide G.R.No. ELA-1003/P.K.8588/Bhag-2/Urja-5 Dated 24-01-2005 restructured Maharashtra State Electricity Board in 4 companies w.e.f. 06/06/2005. These companies are registered with Company Registrar, Mumbai on 31/05/2005 as follows:

Sr. No

Name of Company

Certificate of incorporation No


M.S.E.B. Holding Co.Ltd

U40109 MH 2005 PLC 153649


Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd.

U40110 MH 2005 PLC 153648


Maharashtra State Transmission Co.Ltd

U40109 MH 2005 PLC 153646


Maharashtra State  Distribution Co. Ltd

U40109 MH 2005 PLC 153645

Application with CERC by MSEPTCPL for Inter state power trading.
Maha Genco     Maha Transco     Maha Discom